Conditions of Use


Choralworks Inc. has negotiated these terms and conditions with composers who, in accordance with the Copyright Act 1968 (Australia), retain the copyright for their works but have agreed to assign the copying and performance rights listed below.

The copying and performance rights are:

1. Under these Terms and Conditions, the composers have agreed to allow you to print or reproduce copies of the sheet music that you need for your Choir Members, Music Director and Accompanist.  You are NOT entitled to reproduce copies for any other person.

2. You are given performance rights for unlimited performances.

3. You are NOT entitled to lend out the copies through a music lending scheme or any other agreement, or to sell any of the copies.

4. You are NOT entitled to make recordings of your performance, whether through the use of cassette, CD, Video, DVD or any other process or medium.

5. When performing or reproducing the choral work contained in the sheet music you must provide the appropriate attribution of the authorship of the choral music in accordance with sections 193, 194 and 195 of the Copyright Act 1968 as amended from time to time.

The process for printing out copies is as follows:

1. On payment of the fee you will be sent a code to enable you to access our files and to print out the sheet music.  The code allows you to access our files once only to print.  Printing must be completed within 48 hours of payment.  Our files cannot be saved to your computer so you must access the files at the computer you are using to make printed copies.  If you wish a local Printer to make copies for you, your code can be used by the Printer but, remember, the code only provides access to the files one time.  You are bound by the Copyright Act 1968 and may only reproduce the number of copies you have paid for.



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